Our Services


Our Goal is to Bring out the Best in Each Doggie Guest!

BOARDING allows your pooch to be on vacation when you are. 

DAYCARE provides safe fun & companionship when you are away for the day.


GROOMING brings out your dog's beauty! Your pooch can get a Bath & Brush or Full Groom By Dawn.  OR - You can use our professional tubs for a do-it-yourself bath with assistance if you need it.


DOG WALKING provides visits to your home so your dog can have companionship, play, and a walk while you are away for the day.


TRAVELER ACCOMMODATIONS Provides a private bedroom and bath for travelers and their dog(s).We will pick up or deliver your dog for daycare, boarding, and grooming. 


TAXIE SERVICES We also can take your dog to the vet and provide other doggie transportation services. 


Excerpts from Colagiovanni Recommendation:


We wanted to find a warm and loving home for our Welsh Terrier, where he would be safe and secure...  The source of Connie’s excellent service can be traced to her understanding of and genuine affection for dogs and people....

We as a family have the peace of mind to travel without worry, knowing that Sonny is enjoying his vacation... Connie’s home is a place where every day is an adventure and where every dog has a friend.

Joe, Mary Jo and Ben Colagiovanni